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Victoria Beckham: Out of The Bag And In the Flesh

Most fashion savvy people know that Victoria Beckham has signed on to be the spokesmodel for Marc Jacobs Summer 2008 ad campaign. As a result of that collaboration, photographer Juergen Teller shot these 'fun' and funky photos of Victoria Beckham (below) posing as 'product' for Marc Jacobs with her emerging from Jacobs' bags and boxes. They have spread like wildfire across the net, so you've probably already seen them.

But now Mrs. Beckham has bared all in the name of charity. She has posed nude for Mr. Jacobs, and put her name behind his fashion campaign to warn people about the dangers of skin cancer:

Posh appears naked on a T-shirt which has also been signed by her according to The Sun newspaper. The T-shirt will be on sale in Marc Jacobs' shops from next week. Below is a pic of her hottie hubby soccer star donning the shirt.

As far as the actual ad campaign for the Marc Jacobs' clothing line, breaking in February's Vogue issue, they are shot by photographer Juergen Teller. Most people haven't seen the ads of Posh donning the clothes, so here's one for you:

About the photographer:
Juergen Teller was born in Erlangen, Germany in 1964. He studied at Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Photographie in Munich, Germany before moving to London in the early 1980s. In England, Teller was introduced to the world of fashion photography and used his assignments at i-D, The Face, Index and W magazines as resources from which he could nurture his own photographic sensibility. His work is the subject of monographs by Taschen and Scalo and he has had solo exhibitions at the Münchner Fotomuseum, Museum Folkwang, Essen, and Galleria d'Arte Moderna, among others, and has been included in exhibitions at the Tate Modern in London and Programa Centro de Arte in Mexico. This year, Teller received the Citibank Photography Prize. Juergen Teller continues to live and work in London.
He has an upcoming show at Lehmann Maupin, beginning February 7th, click here for info.

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