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Product Pick Of The Week: think/thing's Nestt Child Car Seat

Let me start off by saying I have spelled the name of this product correctly. Sadly, in some other articles and press, the product has been misspelled as "nesst".

Apparently the Nestt by think/thing is presently in production and has been approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. It must be expensive because it's falling into the 'luxury' category as stated by both the designers and other reviews.

In addition to its organic modern egg design, the Nestt uses a steel safety cage in its skeleton with memory foam cushions that clearly provides enormous side-impact protection for young children.

For the "I'm-so-hip-I'm-bordering-on-space-age" baby!

Learn more about it here.

2013 UPDATE: Sadly this never came to fruition and Think Thing seems to have disappeared.

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