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A Case of Unrequited Love:
New York Doesn't Heart Gucci.

In a ridiculous turn of events, Gucci's latest campaign to launch their flagship store in Manhattan is under fire from New York City officials for using the I heart NY slogan.

Read on: Gucci "Loves" New York, But City Not Returning Sentiment
By Margaret Brennan

The relationship was renewed only three days ago and yet Gucci's love affair with NY is already hitting a stumbling block. New York City's Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) is challenging Gucci's use of the 'Gucci (loves as symbolized by a heart) New York' slogan on its new limited edition bags.

Why? The ESDC is the economic development arm for the State of New York and it owns the trademark to the marketing campaign "I (love as symbolized by a heart) New York." They did not give Gucci permission to use the slogan. Gucci's CEO already met with the agency and negotiations are continuing this week. Take a look at the Gucci campaign here.

Gucci designed around 600 of the bags to commemorate the opening of its 46,000 square foot NY flagship. The proceeds from all sales will go to the Playground Partners Central Park Improvement Program. In other words, Gucci [owned by PPR which trades in France] doesn't financially benefit from the design itself. They do hope that the NY-store exclusive would help drive traffic to the new flagship.

Kinda makes me Not Heart New York.

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