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Fabulous Design, Illustration and Packaging by Veronika Kieneke for the GÖRTZ brand.

Hamburg-based creative and design agency Gürtlerbachmann has created many beautiful in-store promotional pieces for German shoe store chain GÖRTZ. From designing sock puppets and wearable bags to promote their children's section to beautiful packaging for wool socks. Such a slew of well-designed pieces and all of the art direction and concepts were created by the talented (now freelance) illustrator and designer Veronika Kieneke. Every in-store promotional piece and package design in this post has received at least one design award - and in most cases multiple awards.

Magnificent Modern Pianos by Designer Peter Maly for Sauter.

Four years ago, I shared with you a beautifully designed Grand Piano by Audi and bunch of uniquely designed modern concert, grand and upright pianos by well-known German piano makers Bosendorfer and Schimmel.

above: a selection from my previous post on modern pianos

Like Bosendorfer and Schimmel, Sauter's pianos are made in Germany. With a design series by Peter Maly, their contemporary Grand, Concert and Upright pianos are like beautiful pieces of furniture, with exteriors crafted from materials like fine woods, translucent glass and steel.

Sauter pianos designed by Peter Maly largely match the Sauter R Master Class pianos, with respect to their technique: the sounding board, 25% bigger, is characterized by the unique “Sauter Spherical Concavity®” and the speciality of Sauter , the double repetition action of grand pianos. The sounding board is solely made from the finest spruce from the `Val di Fiemme´ in the high region of South Tyrol, grown at an altitude of 1,100 meters. For a better playing sensation, half tones (sharps and flats) are made of ebony. The cast plate is hand-ground and complemented with a precious finish. Experienced pianists, whose piano is in focus at their home, will be thrilled by the touch and appearance of this designer piano.

Upright Pianos

The Vitrea Translucent Glass Upright Piano by Peter Maly for Sauter:

Vitrea´s essence is the contrast between the cool glass front and the warm wooden tones of the main structure of the piano.

Vitrea´s materials: the front panels consist of matt glass, available in two shades. The form is bordered by thin chromium rail strips. Body, Lid and keyboard elements are made of oak wood.

Here you have the choice of a light natural tone of timber or of a deep dark-stained variation. All metal parts are chrome-plated.

The design is accentuated by details such as chrome-plated steel feet. The lids open upward in aliform, like wings, and, therefore, optimally project the sound waves throughout the room.

Equipment: double repetition action (RR-action), sound dampening pedal (soft pedal) and a straight-line piano stool with metal frame which complements the Vitrea.

The Rondo Upright Piano by Peter Maly for Sauter:

Rondo – elegance softly shaped, a piano that performs with the principle of round shapes. It appears natural, soft and well balanced within itself.

The Pure and Pure 2000 Noble Upright Pianos by Peter Maly for Sauter

PURE "less is more"- as little as possible, as much as necessary. The aim was archetypal, reduction to the essential. Nothing superfluous, but full of concentration; stillness and tension at the same time - just like before a big concert: PURE 2000, the purist upright piano. Purism is the art of avoiding the superfluous. The form radiates peace which inspires both soul and player.
Pure 2000 is like the room for which it was designed. It is an upright which fits into a bright living environment with simple walls and modern art. The essence of its aesthetics is the generous design which emphasizes the surfaces.

In the "PURE 2000 noble" version, the surfaces have a gloss lacquer finish. The characteristic corner details are emphasized by flush-fitting chromium-plated metal sections giving this upright its modern elegance.Details accentuate the essential design. A fine finger groove makes the upright easy to open.

The Onda Upright Piano by Peter Maly for Sauter

The body and keyboard form a solid backdrop for the focal point of the piano - an undulating panel. Onda is the ideal complement to the new minimalist look.

Materials which are typical of this look include light wood, cool metal and fabrics in natural shades.

Onda is constructed from a number of distinct, clearly demarcated components. Broad wooden side panels enclose the piano body, lending it stability and substance. The keyboard - made from light beech or maple wood like the sides - is set into the undulating panel.

As a special design feature, Onda is fitted with two top panels which can be opened upwards like wings. As well as forming a highly effective sound board, they lend the instrument the feel of a grand piano. To round off the picture, Onda stands on curved metal feet.

The panel which forms the front of the piano has a horizontal "wave" running through it - hence the name Onda, which means wave.

The Imago, the Avant-Garde Upright Piano by Peter Maly for Sauter

Imago, the Avant-Garde piano, is a fascinating new creation which redefines the concept of the piano. A great design, extravagant and classic - the sound pattern for a new age. The materials are a combination of light wood tones - modish pear, maple of beech; bright color finishes and cool metal.

A large, diagonal-grain pear wood panel frames the body of the piano like a passpartout, forming an exciting contrast between the two silk-sheen finish, different shapes and their materials. An attractive extra:

The Touch-Tronic lamps by Ingo Maurer are switched on and off or dimmed by a simply touch The designer's signature along with individual serials numbering underline the unique of value of the piano. The piano body has a light grey and the matching piano stool has metal legs.

The Artes Art Deco Upright Piano by Peter Maly for Sauter:

Artes - The Art-Deco piano is inspired by the styles of the Twenties and Thirties. Despite these historical allusions the piano embodies a timeless elegance and understatement. Artes blends effortlessly into this room, whose interior finishings embody design of a timeless quality. Materials such as fine leather, quality woods and valuable textiles are in perfect harmony with the highly polished finish of the piano.

Characteristic features of the Art Deco style: clearly defined lines, metal inlay and chromed metal brackets. These details lend depth and structure to the body with its glossy black finish.

The designer`s signature along with an individual serial number underlines the unique value of the piano. Matching piano stool with leather seats and metal legs is available.

The Cura Shaker Upright Piano by Peter Maly for Sauter:

Cura, the Shaker piano, is inspired by the puritan and perfectly crafted furniture typical of the American Shaker religious movement of the 18th Century.

"I stand in great admiration of the wonderfully simple cherry-wood furniture of the Shakers, for it form a link with my modern design concept, imbued as it is with the desire for the greatest possible simplicity - whilst at the same time ensuring the highest quality of materials and manufacture." Peter Maly

Cura has a classically-constructed frame and infull panels veneered in cherry. Cura has hand-turned brackets of cherry-wood, and feet and hinged candle holders in matt-finish high-grade steel. The lid is shaped into a single elegant sweep.

The Grand Pianos

Vivace Grand Piano by Peter Maly for Sauter:

Vivace is a contemporary interpretation of the grand piano, without compromising on any respect for the classical form. The streamlined and newly accentuated curves and the profiled steel pedestal give this most traditional of instruments a floating easiness. The special value of this grand piano is emphasized by the fact that it is signed by the designer and individually numbered.

In its new shape, the cut radii replace the traditional curves. An inlaid sequence of high-grade steel squares accentuate the new line of the piano further. Steel also plays a new role in the substructure of the grand piano.

The structure of the profiled steel pedestal enables considerably more compact dimensions. This gives the grand piano a light, fresh, friendly, contemporary effect. Hydraulic damper* for the piano fall board. Music desk** with convenient one-handed controls.

Ambiente Grand Piano by Peter Maly for Sauter:

A concert grand of new design without any twirls whatsoever, but with a 230cm long case flowing in a single sweep into a bend, shaped like a parabola.

The sides of the keyboard softly cross over into the bevelled grand´s front. Its closed lid fits perfectly into this form.

The difference between the outside appearance and the inside metal frame creates a space in the form of an ellipse in which the lid´s supports have been fitted and which are adjustable in height and angle.

Polished stainless steel accords a brand new profile to the pedal bar: light and lucent throughout “This new grand should be all-over elegant and softly rounded, of flowing design and without any twirls whatsoever” – Peter Maly

The feet have been integrated into a floating architrave which has significantly marked its new silhouette. This new line of architrave stands out with its chromed profile recurring at the foot´s lower end. All fittings and castors are chromed.

When opened, the keyboard´s lid lies flush with the bevelled niche providing a convincing solution to its form. Many of such innovations in construction and design have created the new concert grand´s appearance: “Ambiente."

Sauter Pianos

Fabulous Finds for The Fancy Feline. Modern Beds and Bowls to Meow for.

If you've got both a cat and a sense of style, H.J. Mews has the feline furniture and feeding bowl for you.

Carrying some of the most modern and stylish cat pods and beds (some of which I've blogged about in the past) and an array of well-designed feeding bowls, H.J. Mews was initially launched in 1920 in New York.

The H.J. Mews Bespoke Kitten Boutique quickly gained a reputation for selling the highest quality in cat furniture, accessories, and toys on the market. H.J’s discerning tastes and dedication to his clientele made the store a hit and has provided a livelihood for six generations to come.

Cat Beds, Pods, Loungers and Cool places for kitties to hang out.

The Canopy Lounge:
This mid century modern cat lounge by CanopyStudio is constructed of a bent walnut plywood shell with a removable upholstered cushion and solid walnut legs.

Rare earth magnets are embedded in the bent plywood shell, which secure the upholstered cushion to the piece while still allowing it to be removed or swapped out easily. The durable and claw resistant upholstery fabric is imported from Denmark.

Below are 3 multi-functional loungers crafted of maple ply and industrial strength cardboard by Elizabeth Paige Smith.

The Couchette:

The Prrrounge:

The Kittypod:

Below are 2 more multi-functional pods crafted of industrial strength cardboard by Elizabeth Paige Smith.

The Geodome:

The Mini:

Curve, a wall mountable curved wood cat bed in walnut or maple by Akemi Tanaka:

Floor Feeders, Wall-Mountable Feeders and Bowls

Big Bend Bowls by Maya Khaira in birch and maple:

Smorgasbord faux bois white resin bowl holders and bowl by Luke Wong:

Series 3 Cherry and Walnut wall-mountable cat feeders by Vurv Designs:

There are many more wonderful items for kittens and cats at H.J. Mews, be sure to check them out.

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