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Art? Or Speakers? It's Two, Two Objects in One

Artcoustic is a brilliant idea. Why have ugly speakers (wall-mounted or otherwise) when they can double as wall art?

Artcoustic has a range of speakers, all of which can be 'hidden' by several different art options...including your own.

With a gallery from various artists as well as stock imagery from Getty Images, there's no end to the styles. They even provide a link and template to design your own.

Here are just a few images of plasma tvs and stereo's with artcoustic speakers on the wall.


Artcoustic hand-picks artists from around the world and invites them to create exclusive artworks for the Artcoustic Artist Portfolio. The Artcoustic Artist Portfolio is available for viewing at all specialist Artcoustic dealers. Each artwork/design is produced as a digital print and hand made into a screen.

You may submit your own artwork or photography that can be applied to your Artcoustic speakers, download a PDF submission guide by clicking here.

Below are a few available artists images for your speakers.
They have a very large selection and I'm only showing a few, so be sure to check them out yourself at

Max Malandrino:

Michael Banks:

Kristian Hornsleth:

Ole Kortzau:

Sim Canetty-Clarke:

Take a look at a pdf of their product range here.

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