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Shedding New Light On Chandeliers, Geometrix by Schonbek

Schonbek has revolutionized high-tech lighting with Geometrix®.

With this collection Schonbek put forth the unorthodox idea that spare and simple could also be bold and brilliant. They brought together the purity of halogen or xenon light, and the fire of crystal, to change the way light interacts with designed space.

Geometrix® designs are expressed in spirals and slices, cylinders and rectangles, cubes and waves, triangles, slabs and spheres.

The basic building block of most Geometrix® designs is a lily-cut Strass® crystal octagon that is highly refractive and incomparably brilliant. Strass® is considered the finest crystal in the world.

This unique high-tech lighting collection offers chandeliers, pendants, sconces, bath bars, spotlights, track lights and crystal trim for recessed lighting.

Some Geometrix® designs are bold blocks of shimmering color:

Others are massive light sculptures in icy clear crystal:

Geometrix® colors include many composites unique to Schonbek, and range from subtle to off-the-color-charts. Every color has its complementary color or colors, making it easy for a designer to mix Geometrix® designs with harmonious results.

Geometrix® could only have arisen in the twenty-first century. At the same time, it represents an exploration of light spanning centuries. Schonbek dates back to 1870 in Bohemia.

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