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Vitamins For Your Home

Vitamin Living designs some terrific new products.

You're probably familiar with their 'urban gnomes'(immediately below),
but did you know that Vitamin makes many other cool products as well?

Above: Vitamin's hip china urban gnomes, also available through their site.

Shown Above:
Tab A (a vase and ashtray in one), Tab B (a planter and ashtray in one) and two their new salt and pepper shaker designs are shown above. "Hoody" where the salt and pepper come through etched butterflies in stainless steel tops and Pebbles, where the salt and pepper come through the etched designs.

Above: The E-light. Lights that subtly interact to movement sound and the arrival of emails.

Above: their Hex lampshades and dinnerware collections.
See more about Vitamin and shop their online store by going here.

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