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Scabetti's Newest Lamps from 100% Futures Show

One of the exhibitors in 100% Futures, a section from the 100% Design show going on now in London, is Dominic Bromley of Scabetti Designs.

His lamps in the show are fabulous and will be released for purchase any day now. You can say you saw them here first!

His pendant lamp collection:

And his amazing Shoal light :
The light/sculpture is comprised of three layers of translucent bone china fish that are suspended from a ceiling fixture, thereby creating a snapshot of a dense shoal of fish swarming around a light source. This cylindrical shoal has an outer diameter of 2m.

The designer behind Scabetti is the English born Dominic Bromley and his wife, Frances. Although trained in product design, it was the world of interiors (and the varied objects that inhabit that world) that most interested him. Having been raised in North Staffordshire, a part of England with a rich heritage in ceramics, it was only natural that his desire to create strong sculptural forms should become manifested in clay.

Above: Dominic and Frances Bromley

In the world of Scabetti, function has to follow form. Dominic Bromley has and is still influenced by the work of mid-century artists such as Jean Arp, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Furniture design is always a real inspiration, particularly the chairs of Scandinavian designers such as Eerio Aarnio (plastic fantastic) and Arne Jacobsen (beautiful wooden furniture and classic egg chair) and mid-century designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, right through to the stunning polished aluminium loungers of Marc Newson.

visit the Scabetti site here.

For further information on Scabetti, Dominic and Frances Bromley, please
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