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Grain Audio. Solid Walnut Wood Meets Technology For Sound Design.

Two ex-Altec Lansing guys, an architect/furniture designer and a liquor industry operational expert combined their tastes and talents to launch Grain Audio. A company that creates beautifully executed audio products, each with has an integral wooden component to it. Solid, not veneered, the design has a positive impact on sound quality and unique grain structure, turning each piece of equipment into a one-of-a-kind design object.

With four different products in their collection thus far, they have successfully created substantial products that look as good as they sound.

The Packable Wireless System (PWS):

The Packable Wireless System from Grain Audio sets itself apart from the competition in both sound and design. The FSC certified walnut enclosure, combined with Waves MaxxAudio suite ensures studio quality sound out of a super portable speaker. Eight hours of battery life allows you to rock without having to worry about charging.

Technical Specs:
• WxDxH- 7" x 2 3/8" x 3 1/8" (180mm x 60mm x 80mm)
• AAC Support
• BT 3.0+A2DP with APT-X technology
• Grammy Award Winning MAXXAUDIO sound processing
• 2 x 2” proprietary loudspeakers
• Proprietary passive radiator
• Rechargeable LioN battery with 8 hours playtime
• Patent pending thru-bolted, braced panel construction
• 1 5V AC adapter (included)
• 1 36” USB cable (included)
• 1 60” 3.5MM cable (included)
• 1 carry pouch (included)

Price: $249 USD

The Over Ear Headphones:

Each pair of OEHP's feature grain matched, FSC certified solid walnut enclosures that is paired with their proprietary driver which features a Neodymium magnet and a CCAW voice coil. This means no fake bass boost, no weird mid-range, just pure, natural sound.

The OEHP was designed to highlight the natural beauty of its solid wood earcups. The inline mic is streamlined and intuitive to use. There are no unnecessary flourishes or extraneous details.

Technical features:
• Ear cups made of FSC Certified Walnut with hand-applied oil finish
• 2x40mm proprietary loudspeakers featuring Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil
• Inline mic and remote
• TPE jacketed cable
• 3.5mm jack and ¼” adapter

Price: $199 USD

In Ear Headphones:

Each pair of IEHP's feature solid wood, grain matched enclosures that are fitted with their proprietary driver that features a Neodymium magnet and a CCAW voice coil. The silicone strain relief protects the wood housing and is comfortable on the ear and to the touch. The inline mic is simple and intuitive to use. There are no unnecessary flourishes or extraneous details.

Technical Features:
• Housings constructed of FSC Certified Walnut with hand-applied oil finish
• 2x8mm proprietary loudspeakers featuring Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil
• Inline mic and remote
• TPE jacketed cable
• 3.5mm jack

Price: $99 USD

Passive Bookshelf System (PBS):

From the sound board to the speaker, this Bluetooth (TM) wireless speaker leverages the Grammy Winning Waves MaxxAudio® suite found in many famous mixing boards in the PWS to deliver the music as it was intended to sound. No games or artificial enhancements, just the sweet sounds as they were meant to be heard. We also include both Apt-X and AAC to ensure the highest quality audio standards.

Technical Features:
• Set of 2 Speakers included in package
• WxDxH - 12" x 8 1/8" x 7 1/2" (305mm x 205mm x 190 mm)
• 100watts RMS power handling
• 5.25” midbass woofer featuring Neodymium magnets and CCAW voice coils
• Bass reflex enclosure
• Rubber feet for table top mounting
• Mounting holes for wall mount

Price: $649 USD


They strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using recycled and sustainable materials wherever they can while offsetting where they cannot. They will also contribute a percentage of each sale to music and community related charities to help ensure future generations carry on our passion for music.

The folks behind Grain Audio:

Mitch Wenger, Marketing
Mitch has worked for a number of years in the audio industry as well as high-level engagements with major global brands for both digital marketing and ecommerce. More importantly, he spent most of his youth in concert halls and at music festivals around the country and now dances with his wife and kids whenever he can.

David Burke, Acoustics
An Audio Engineer with over 10 years of experience and ears of gold. When not tuning systems and creating audio nirvana, he's brewing something in the shop to keep us on our toes.

Chris Weir, Design
You name it, Chris has designed it. Trained in architecture and furniture design Chris brings a unique eye to the speaker world and enables us to do something unlike that which has ever been seen. Plus, he loves Iron Maiden, so there's that.

Kevin, Operations
Secret weapon. Kevin worked for several wine, beer and spirits companies in a major operational capacity. So if you're wondering why he's the secret weapon, you should come visit our offices, happy hour starts early.

Eric Wenger, Business Operations and IT
EWang as he's affectionately known is the glue that keeps it all together here at Grain. In addition to handling our business operations, he's also a top-notch web and IT guy. Plus, if you need a recommendation on a Widespread Panic show to listen to, or bar to go to in New Orleans, he's your man.

The Timbre Speaker by Casey Lin

21 year old Casey Lin is working on her Bachelor of Design Innovation at the Victoria University of Wellington. With a Bachelor of Architectural Studies already under her belt, the New Zealand based Chinese designer is primarily focused on product design, with a special interest in furniture, jewellery, lighting and household electronics. One of her most recent projects is the Timbre Speaker, an unusual design I wanted to share with you.

Timbre Speaker trims the essence of a speaker down to the very bare minimum, allowing the inherent qualities of the materials to become the centerpiece of the design. All superfluous detail is stripped away, leaving only the necessary audio and power ports at the rear, and combined power and volume dial.

Wood and glass were selected for their favourable acoustic qualities which enhances the audio experience of the user. The Black American Walnut wood adds a warmth to the tone, while the addition of the glass vessels bring a more reverberant characteristic to the music.

Surface transducers are mounted on the interior of the wooden box, vibrating the surface and turning the box into a speaker. The glass vessels act as physical equalizers, where the vibrations transfer through the wood into the glass and changes the timbre of the sound. The wooden box can act as a standalone speaker, or alternatively, vessels of other material, size or shape can be placed on the speaker to change the sound according to the users taste.

Timbre Speaker has an elegant, yet playful feel to it, users are encouraged to experiment with different objects and placements to find the timbre they enjoy the most.

above: Designer Casey Lin
all images, video and description courtesy of Casey Lin.

New Customizable Speakers From Zazzle.

Do it yourself custom products are getting better and better. Once upon a time your choices of items to which you could upload your art or photos ranged from mugs to mousepads. But at, they stepped it up by adding shoes, skateboard decks, custom iPhone cases and soon to be available (May 20th) ... custom speakers!

The Doodle speakers for by Orig Audio are completely customizable. The first ever portable speaker that you can customize with your art, photos, and text. Uploading your content is easy and your design will be shown to you in real time using our proprietary virtual product-view technology. Once you’re satisfied with the design, your Doodle will be vibrantly printed in full color to make the perfect custom speaker.

The OrigAudio Doodle speaker is a light and durable hard-plastic speaker with a vibrantly printed fabric face cover and kickstand for easy propping.

Powered by two AAA batteries or via USB cord (included), the Doodle speaker has a 3.5 mm. headphone jack that is compatible with any standard music device.

Depth: 7/8 inches
Width: 2.5 inches
Length: 4.5 (1/16)
Weight: 9.6 ounces
Power: 2 AAA batteries or a USB cord (included)
Works with ANY standard 3.5 mm. headphone jack audio product

The design template looks like this:

Plug in your creativity with the first ever custom portable speaker! This speaker launches May 20th, so sign up now to be first to get the Doodle Speaker from!

other offers from Zazzle:
• get 10% off custom iPhone cases
• Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more w/code FREESHIPFORU

Create your own one-of-a-kind product at Zazzle

KEF's Muon Speakers now available in the US!

Hot off the presses..(seriously, this news just came across the wire).

Now hear this: Those groovy KEF speakers designed by Ross Lovegrove that I blogged about last April are now available in the US.

So, make some noise.
See the press release here

New Speakers From Artist Marka27: The Mini-Gods

the text below is taken directly from their site:

Mini-Gods are the "Givers Of Divine Sound". Since the beginning of time, many civilizations and cultures from various backgrounds throughout the world have used MUSIC as a means of ritual, celebration, healing, and even to declare battle for war. Mini-Gods are a direct representation of ancient and modern pop/street culture fused into one.

The creator of The Mini-Gods, Victor "Marka27" Qui–onez, wanted to bring something new to the table with soul, substance, and an urban edge. Mini-Gods are inspired by African, Asian, South and Central American ancient art and culture.

The long-awaited 16" figure comes with a full range speaker and has an integrated amplifier for increased speaker power -- all the better to bump your music! A lone 9 volt battery will power the speaker and amp. The figure will have a minijack connector (seen on the bottom left-hand side) providing compatibility with any music device with a headphone jack such as an ipod, cd player, boombox, laptop or desktop. Make room for the new gods in town!

MG1 Brazil (above)comes in 4 different color variations.

The Toy Tokyo
exclusive "MG1 GOLD GRILLZ" limited to 100 world wide and SURU exclusive "PLATINUM GRILLZ" limited to 100 world wide. Also available in Brazilian colorway limited to 300 and last but not least the Diamond Distribution exclusive "MG1" MIDNIGHT black. white, grey monotone colorway limited to 300.

about the designer:

Marka27 is a prolific artist who is never confined to one medium. His graffiti has been seen in high profile galleries throughout the east and west coast and has been shown along side artists such as Futura, and Sam Flores.

His street murals/ graffiti have been published in several life style magazines and books, most recent "Burning New York" and "Graffiti L.A".

Marka27 made his mark with his original "Audio Canvas" paintings with built in speakers, also his large speaker installations with legendary hiphop icons painted on the speaker boxes. The minigods are the latest manifestation from the restless mind of Marka27.

See all info here.

Art? Or Speakers? It's Two, Two Objects in One

Artcoustic is a brilliant idea. Why have ugly speakers (wall-mounted or otherwise) when they can double as wall art?

Artcoustic has a range of speakers, all of which can be 'hidden' by several different art options...including your own.

With a gallery from various artists as well as stock imagery from Getty Images, there's no end to the styles. They even provide a link and template to design your own.

Here are just a few images of plasma tvs and stereo's with artcoustic speakers on the wall.


Artcoustic hand-picks artists from around the world and invites them to create exclusive artworks for the Artcoustic Artist Portfolio. The Artcoustic Artist Portfolio is available for viewing at all specialist Artcoustic dealers. Each artwork/design is produced as a digital print and hand made into a screen.

You may submit your own artwork or photography that can be applied to your Artcoustic speakers, download a PDF submission guide by clicking here.

Below are a few available artists images for your speakers.
They have a very large selection and I'm only showing a few, so be sure to check them out yourself at

Max Malandrino:

Michael Banks:

Kristian Hornsleth:

Ole Kortzau:

Sim Canetty-Clarke:

Take a look at a pdf of their product range here.

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