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Floating Houses: The Wave of The Future?

Pardon the pun, I honestly couldn't help myself.

Awhile back I did a post on hotels built on the water. Now I have found AquaDomi*, a modular system of floating houses. Although the images are computer generated, apparently these are available and for sale, not prototypes.

* like many of these proposed floating and underwater residences, the company has gone out of business since I wrote this post and there is no website.

AquaDomi has built cafes and restaurants using these design principles.
They describe themselves on their own site below (from the English version):
AquaDomi is the houseboat of the future, because it is module based and therefore gives the owner the possibility to create his own house, exactly the way he wants.
It is the goal of AquaDomi to deliver a unique and individual design, which fulfils the wishes and demands of both present and future.

The Noma is their newest line of floating houses ...
The Noma series is available in three models: 64 sq.m., 96 sq.m. et 160 sq.m.

The houseboats have a floor-to-ceiling height of 300/250 cm or 250/240 cm. Family Noma is the largest in the series. The Family Noma is ideal for a family with children or alternatively two families that wish to live together. The houseboat can also be used as a combined home and office. Family Noma is spacious and has many terraces. It is family-friendly for those who would like to live close to the water. The access to the houseboat goes through the terrace/court.

The two bedrooms each have an area of 16 sq.m. and are equipped with wardrobes. Each bedroom has its own terrace that is accessed through sliding doors. The kitchen is available in many colours and variations. It is centrally placed. AquaDomi offers a large variety of light, well-arranged quality kitchens with all modern equipment. The dining room and living room are connected to the kitchen and the arrangement offers many possibilities. The living rooms with large panoramic windows open to the smallest terrace, which is partly covered. There are two wonderful bathrooms with shower and two technical rooms for the technical installations. The total area of the house is 120 sq.m. The surface of the terraces is 4 x 8 sq.m. and 1 x 12 sq.m.

Model A160HB01 Family Noma.
The model is designed by Teodor Mikkelsen, Denmark.
The construction is based on AquaDomi's modular system.

AquaDomi concept as worded by them:
We have tried with AquaDomi to integrate a number of contrasts in one concept in order to unite the best of both worlds. It is a floating residence that combines the comfort and the spaciousness of the house with the boat’s location and mobility. AquaDomi is a product that combines unique architecture that is tailored for the owner’s individual needs, with the economic and quality advantages that a rational production offers.

The following holds true for most all their models:

Guarantee- 2 years with service inspection and 5 years right to submit complaints.

The floating restaurant is delivered and assembled on location, by the AquaDomi® service team. When everything is in place, a certificate for the logbook and the insurance/financing company is issued. Read more about delivery and maintenance here.

Delivery time is 3-4 months counting from the date of the order.

Choice of material: We will discuss the choice of materials with you, so that you at the end of the process have unique, waterborne restaurant – your and your customers' satisfaction.

See their brochure slide show on slideshare here

All exterior materials are maintenance-free and need only washing once a year. Materials and profiles can vary according to your choice.

Infrastructure: The houseboat is connected to the public infrastructure for water, waste water, electricity, telephone, community antenna and internet.

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