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The Marriage is long over.
What to do with that ring?

The stats tell us that 1 out of 3 marriages end in divorce. With very few exceptions, neither ex-spouse wants to keep the rings because of the negative memories.

What to do?

Jill Testa came up with an idea at of all places, a funeral! Today, she and her brother, Steve,
run, an online site that sells miniature caskets to display rings and symbolize a dead marriage.


The coffins are priced from $30 to $35, measure about 6 inches long and are made of solid wood with a dark mahogany finish and black velvet lining. A split lid allows for an open or closed casket. Also available are engraved brass plaques, with messages ranging from the hopeful — "Bury the past and move on" — to the cynical, "Six feet isn't deep enough!"

You can also provide your own message as one ex-husband did whose plaque read: "You should have learned to play golf."


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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.