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How Do You Improve Jacobsen's Egg Chair? Cover It In Helen Amy Murray's Leathers

Above: Arne Jacobsen's classic Egg chair given new life with the "Peony" leather fabric.

Above: detail of "Peony" design

Helen Amy Murray is internationally recognized for hand-crafted, luxury creations inspired by nature and form, to create 3D surfaces within textiles.

above: 'Bird and Blossom', one of her newest designs

Helen won the Oxo-Peugeot Prize in 2004 for her innovative designs. She develops bespoke commissions using luxury materials for applications ranging from interior products, upholstery, wall coverings and art.

Below are some of her previous projects, done for personal and commissioned clients.
She certainly knows how to bring life back into an old wing chair or tub chair! Take a look at these stunning pieces:

Above: Wing chairs enhanced with the Bloom Pattern

Above: detail of "bloom" on wing chairs

Above: an otherwise boring tub chair is reinvigorated with "Bloom"

Above: Detail of "bloom" on a tub chair

Above: A traditional Edwardian armchair upholstered in "Rose"

Here are some of her wonderful patterns, both her newest collection and some of her classics.
These, along with more, were unveiled at the 100% Futures section of the 100% Design show:

Above: Succulent

Above: Chrysanthemum

Above: Oriental Flower

Above: Tropical

Above: Lattice

Above: Feathers

Above: Fishscales

Above: The designer, Helen Amy Murray. As lovely as her work.

Helen Amy Murray

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