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The Terra Vase by Katja Pettersson Looks Like Dirt and Conceals Your Plant's Roots.

Want your potted plants, bushes or trees to look natural? The emerging but already award-winning designer Katja Pettersson has created a vase for Serralunga that is exceptionally unconventional. Inspired by the ‘recyclability’ of Serralunga products, the majority of which are made of polypropylene, Katja has developed a design which utilizes the recovery of rubber from inner tire-tubes which is comprised of 92% recycled materials.

The result is a cloak covering the containment tank for the ground and the roots, and the visual effect is artistic and original, and certainly natural looking.

The rubber material is used as a cover that conceals the container underneath holding the plant and soil, and creates a visual effect similar to that of piled earth or waste.

Functions: pot cover

outer cover rubber EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) to 95% recycled and recyclable anchored hot- carboxilate latex of a nonwoven fabric, the lower support network galvanized steel inner vessel PE (polyethylene) Injection-moulded



C'mon people, it's only a dollar.
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