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iPhone Cases Go Retro Old School Apple Products.

I know these have been all over the blogosphere in the past 24 hours and I, myself posted a link to them on Facebook yesterday morning. When I saw how many people were responding, I realized I simply had to feature them on the blog.

Schreer Design, who makes many iPhone cases, is presently offering four that make your latest Apple technology (the iPhone 4 or 4s) appear like a Mac Throwback. The cases dress your present day mobile phone as the old Biondi Blue, The G4 Graphite, the beige 1989 Macintosh with rainbow Apple logo or as an iPod.

• Design is printed deep into the case's surface so it won't fade, peel or chip. Your case will continue to look as nice as the day you receive it!

• Hard removable case that firmly grips your iPhone.

• Protects your iPhone while still allowing full access to buttons and ports.

• Compatible with all iPhone models including, now, the iPhone 5.

Each case is priced at $44.95 and can be purchased here.

Better buy them now before Apple gets wind of them and issues a cease and desist order!


zielony motorek said...

Steve Jobes liked simple forms..

shelycn said...

I won’t be able to thank you fully for the posts on your web-site. I know you placed a lot of time and effort into all of them and really hope you know how considerably I enjoy it.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.
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