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Diem Chau's Crayons Carved As The 12 Chinese Zodiacs

above: individually hand carved crayons that represent the 12 symbols of the Chinese Zodiac.

I can't seem to get enough of the very talented Diem Chau's unusual work. While her porcelain work is amazing, it's her carved crayola crayons that continue to blow me away.

I have blogged about her carved crayons in the past, but recently she tackled the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac which are now on exhibit at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago along with many of her ceramic works in a show named Sojourn.

First, the 12 symbols of the Chinese Zodiac:

Now, Diem Chau's Zodiac Crayons:

She began with the monkey on the far right (note how she wrote on the crayons which was to become which animal):

and once they were finished, she mounted each carved crayon on a wood pedestal for exhibition:

above: all twelve Chinese Zodiac crayons, finished and mounted.

I have close ups and detailed images of all but the Dog, Dragon, Horse, Ox, and Rabbit.

The Goat:

The Monkey:

The Pig:

The Rat:

The Rooster:

The Snake:

and this year, the Tiger:

all images are courtesy of the artist.

Be sure to check out her porcelain pieces in the following show:
Packer Schopf Gallery
February 19th - March 27th
942 W. Lake
Chicago, IL 60607

Diem Chau
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