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Lego® Replicas Of Eames, Corbusier and Michelle Kaufmann Homes

above: left, the homes recreated in Legos; right, the original homes

The following amazing replicas of modern homes are not Lego® kits but the creations of various Lego® builders - artists, really. Very impressive in their detail, I wanted to show you the images compared with the original homes. Each of the originals (and the Lego® recreations) were designed and built by different individuals.

First off, the Charles and Ray Eames Case Study House #8, situated in the Pacific Palisades in Southern California built from 1945 to 1949:

above photo by Julius Shulman

Now, in Legos:
The Eames Case Study House #8 as recreated in Legos® by Stacy Sterling:

Interior details:

see more of Stacy Sterling's amazing Lego® creations here.

The Villa Savoye was designed by by Le Corbusier, is located in Poissy, France, and was constructed from 1928 to 1929:

above photos courtesy of greatbuildings.com

Now, in Legos:

From Brick Architect Matija Grguric, comes this great Lego® version:

interior and details:

see more of Matija Grguric's Lego® creations here.

Contemporary architect Michelle Kaufmann who specializes in pre-configured, pre fab and custom home designs created the mkSolaire®. "The Greenest Home in Chicago" was on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago as part of the exhibit "The Smart Home: Green + Wired".

The mkSolaire®:

see more and learn more about the mkSolaire® here.

Now, in Legos:

The Lego replica of Michelle Kaufmann's "Green" Solaire home was designed for the Smart Home: Green and Wired exhibit. This tiny replica is surprisingly true to the original, with it’s cement board and Ipe wood siding, glass doored garage, and even green roof.

The LegoSolaire:

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