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The Talents Of Many Combine to Burn Suburbia. Awesome T-Shirt Designs

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What happens when you combine nice photos, good site design, edgy models, moody photography, american apparel t-shirts, underground attitude and the talents of many?
Burn Suburbia is what happens.

The Company:

The Concept:

The Goods: (some of them)

Above: Tokyo

Above: Brooklyn

Above: Phoenix (limited edition)

Above: Guadalajara

Above: London

Above: Newcastle (available for pre-order now)

The Attitude:

Above: Justin Brown, the man behind Burn Suburbia

A few FAQs from Justin Brown:

Burn SuburbiaTM- possibly the world's smallest t-shirt company.
Our goal is to work with designers from all over the globe to create unique shirts that celebrate some aspect of their city or its culture. so far, we have designs representing europe, asia and the americas. Everything we sell is screen printed by hand on ridiculously soft american apparel shirts, made in los angeles.
Because there's more to life than strip malls and warehouse clubs.
We are based in phoenix, arizona, usa, but also have an "office" in wisconsin. it's a long story.
Now and forever, my darling.

The site design:

Who to credit?
(illustration : tokyo)
(design : london)
(design : phoenix)
(design : brooklyn)
(design : guadalajara)
(design : toronto)
(design : newcastle)
(photography : london/phoenix/brooklyn)
(photography : london/brooklyn)
(photography : tokyo)
(photography : website)
(typography : logo)

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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.

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