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Miley Mocks Herself (And The Government). See The Whole Funny SNL Music Video.

In case you missed it - whether on purpose or by accident, Miley Cyrus' hosting gig on SNL certainly had its moments, the best of which was when Miley and the cast parodied her own song, "We Can't Stop" by giving it a political twist.

Cyrus dressed as Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann with Taran Killam as House Speaker John Boehner suggestively danced and vamped to the new lyrics, which presented a raunchy Republican celebration of the government shutdown.

The full video:

"Cause we came to shut it all down now, no government around now, if you're not ready for healthcare, can I get a 'hell no,'" Cyrus sang while dressed as Bachmann, spanking Uncle Sam, licking Killam as Boehner, and holding and licking an Abraham Lincoln doll. "Government workers on a furlough, even though you're already paid low ... everyone in line for early child care, anyone who planned to see a grizzly bear, we are so shut down yeah."

Some of the best moments:

Miley licks an Abraham Lincoln doll at one point:

The original video's bears are replaced with the GOP elephants:

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