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Made From Cool. Christopher Walken Turns Tailor In This New TV and Print Campaign for Fashion Brand Jack & Jones.

British GQ reports that "Premium by Jack & Jones - the denim brand's preppy, tailoring-based offshoot - has unveiled none other than Christopher Walken as the face of its new autumn/winter campaign. Dubbed "Made From Cool" the brand produced a series of five short films directed by Martin Werner with the Oscar-winning actor playing a super-powered tailor, cutting patterns and shearing sheep with his bare hands, while providing the voice-over in that unmistakable drawl."

Unfortunately, the youtube films are not legally allowed to play in the US, but I was able to find all five uploaded from various countries on youtube, which may be removed by the time you read this (but I hope not). Here they are:

The fabulous music on the last film shown above is a collaboration between music stylist Jesper Gadeberg and Soundtree featuring Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds off their latest album, Push the Sky Away. The track is called We Real Cool. “Who took your measurements from your toes to the top of your head?” Cave croons as the 70-year-old actor, playing the role of a super-tailor, cuts fabric, shapes suits, and attaches buttons with his bare fingers in a dark New York City loft space.

In another one of the ads, this one showing off the brand’s premium sweaters, Walken knits at lightning speed while staring off the camera with inimitable resolve, before cutting the final thread with a scissor-like snap of his fingers.

Reportedly, Christopher Walken made an exception to his no-campaigns rule, because he liked the role and how it was especially made for him. “Christopher Walken is our favourite style icon and a great source of inspiration. The campaign is custom-made for him. He represents style rather than fashion, and his acting performances are first class craft – just as our brand”, Winnie Andersen, the head designer of PREMIUM, says in a press release.

Besides the five films, whose primary target is the online media, the “Made From Cool” ad campaign also includes print ads (shown below) beautifully shot by Danish photographer Søren Solkær Starbird who is known for his photos of musicians and artists.

Film credits:
Director: Martin Werner
Production company: Bacon
Agency: &Co, Copenhagen

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