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Scary Good Job. Benjamin Moore Terrifies Some Unsuspecting Contractors To Sell Paint.

To promote Benjamin Moore's Ultra Spec® 500 paint, the Martin Agency and director Jason Zada came up with a Halloween stunt and hired some unsuspecting interior painters for the "Scariest Job In The World."

They asked them to paint the interior of a dilapidated hotel late at night. Greeted by a creepy butler who told them that "years ago people with mineral diseases were kept here for a period of time" the painters began their work, only to be exposed to creaking chairs, the sound of chains, flickering lights, swaying chandeliers and finally a ghostly apparition of a woman scary enough to make the most macho of men wet their pants.

The teaser video is followed up by a 'testimonial' video for the heavy marketing, shown below:

Dedicated website: ScaryGoodJob

Agency: The Martin Agency
Client: Benjamin Moore
CMO: David Melancon
CCO: Joe Alexander
CD: Vanessa Fortier
CD/CW: Dave Gibson
ACD/AD: Mauricio Mazzariol
Agency Executive Broadcast Producer: Christina Cairo
Agency Junior Producer: Ross Skinner
Director of Digital Production: Darren Himebrook
Digital Producer: Mary Dunn
Associate Director: Josh Corliss
Associate Director: Chris Fullman
Technical Lead: Jeremy Misavage
Developer: Robert Lavoie
Technical Lead: Kevin Power
Quality Assurance: Andy Bupp
Prod. Co.: Tool
Director: Jason Zada
DOP: Lyle Vincent
EP: Danielle Peretz
Line Producer: Shai Kedem
Editorial Company: CosmoStreet
Editor: Jeff Grippe
Motion Graphics: William Tiki
Original Score: Robert Di Pietro
Original Score: Paul Robb

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