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Photographer Christian Tagliavini And His Unique Paper, Plywood and Cardboard Dressed Portraits.

Recently, artist and photographer Christian Tagliavini completed a stunning series, 'Cartes', an artful take on playing cards using models clad in his paper fashions and decorative accessories.

above: Christian crafts the hat for the "Carte" shown below

Seeing those here on Huffington Post, inspired me to take a look at more of his work. As a result, I want to share with you two other series of his, Dames di Cartone (Cardboard Women) and 1503, both of which are formally photographed portraits of models clad in artful representations of historical fashions crafted out of cardboard, paper and plywood.

Dames di Cartone (Cardboard Women)
His series, Dames di Cartone, consists of two dimensionally outfitted portraits that emulate Cubistic, 17th century,and Fifties fashions. Using corrugated, cut and colored cardboard and plywood, the craftsmanship applied to live models makes for an interesting series.

#1, Dame di Cartone, Cubism I:

#2, Dame di Cartone, Cubism II:

#3, Dame di Cartone, Cubism III:

#4, Dame di Cartone, 17th Century I:

#5, Dame di Cartone, 17th Century II:

#6, Dame di Cartone, 17th Century III:

#7, Dame di Cartone, Fifties I:

#8, Dame di Cartone, Fifties II:

#9, Dame di Cartone, Fifties III:

Similar creations of his can be found in his 1503 series. These represent 16th century fashions and combine textiles with paper and cardboard for a unique look. Several of these photographs have been featured on the cover of many photography and arts magazine worldwide.

#1 1503, Lucrezia:

#2 1503, Donna Clotilde:

#3 1503, Bartolomeo:

#4 1503, Ritratto di giovane donna:

#5 1503, Ritratto di signora in verde:

#6 1503, Ritratto d'uomo:

#7 1503, Artemisia:

#8 1503, Cecilia:

#9 1503, Ritratto di giovane uomo con cappello piumato:

Born in 1971, Christian Tagliavini was educated in Italy and Switzerland, where he lives and works as a photographer. This provides him the perfect frame and background to invent, create and totally produce images that blend fine arts and craftsmanship.

above photo of Christian Tagliavni by Paola Bergamaschi (courtesy of his Facebook page)

Christian Tagliavini

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