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Mammaries To Build Your Muscles. Introducing Breast-Shaped Kettlebells.

You might have seen an image of these floating around the web and asked yourself if they were real. While not real breasts, they are a real product. The 306 Communication Agency in the Ukraine has designed and begun marketing cast iron dumbbells in the shape of a pair of breasts.

The kettlebells, which are said to soon be available in sporting goods retail stores (albeit I have no idea which countries), are available in three different weights:16kg, 24kg and 32kg and three different finishes.

The Kiev-based advertising, branding and design agency says "they were designed to increase male interest in sports."

Initially designed to have the female names Lolita, Monica and Pamela, it appears they are now merely calling them S (small), M (medium) and L (large).

above: a piece of direct mail touting the new product shows them in three different finishes (a matte black, high gloss silver and high gloss gold).

above: A manufactured prototype of the kettlebell (size m) for the castings made of natural iron.

Note: Ads of The World and Coloribus referred to the product as Bob-boobs, when showcasing the direct mail piece. But I did not found them named as that on the company website.

Advertising Agency: 306 Creative Communication Agency, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Stas Boyko
Art Director: Andrey Chernenko
3D: Yaroslav Litovchenko
Released: August 2013

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