Kate Moss Struts Her Stuff In Thigh High Boots For Stuart Weitzman. A Look At The Film, The Boots And Behind-The-Scenes.

Shot by Mario Testino, this 2 minute and 18 second black and white short film (or long commercial, if you prefer), Made For Walking, is part of the 2013 Fall ad campaign for Stuart Weitzman in which supermodel Kate Moss struts her sexy stuff through the streets of London turning the heads of everyone from kissing couples to a transgender waitress.

above: a still from the short film/long commercial

Throughout the film, set to Nancy Sinatra's fabulous "These Boots Were Made For Walking", she's wearing some of the brand's coolest new boots - including the brand's iconic 5050 over-the-knee boots which are part of the label's upcoming 20th anniversary celebration collection.

Mario Testino, Moss and Weitzman have worked together before. “Shooting the campaign with Mario is always fun and, with such a great team, it really doesn't feel like work.” says Kate.

Here's a look behind the scenes:

And some stills for you:

In the video, Kate is wearing the following boots: 5050, The Highline, The Highland, The Hightest and The Reserve.

Shop for all the boots here.

Stuart Weitzman, Made For Walking 


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