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Cartoon Chic. Popular 90s Characters Dressed To Kill For Fashion Week by Swagger and Michele Moricci.

Swagger New York teamed up with illustrator and designer Michele Moricci to create a fantasy fashion world consisting of pop culture cartoon characters clad in some of today's hippest fashions to honor the beginning of Mercedes Benz 2013 New York's Fashion Week.

This is not the first time we've seen cartoon characters in couture. In the August 2007 issue of Harper's Bazaar, The Simpsons posed in couture, we saw SHREK posing in a fashion editorial for Vman magazine and Elle Espana put Disney characters in famous design wear in April 2010.

above: other cartoons in couture I have blogged about

Over a couple weeks, the collaboration resulted in the following six characters wearing specific designer’s A/W 2013 threads as they attend that very designer's show (e.g. Lisa Simpson is in Marc Jacobs for the Marc show).

Lisa Simpson in Marc Jacobs

above: Lisa Simpson hits her bffl Marc Jacobs’ show 20 minutes late. It’s okay because Marc wouldn’t dare start without her, a Simpsonized image of the designer is tattooed on his arm after all.

SailorMoon in Rodarte

above: Sailor Moon, the third Rodarte sister, channels trendy magical warrior outside Milk Studios.

Daria in Prabal Gurung

above: Daria is only here to fulfill her duty as Sick Sad World‘s editor. Like Anna Wintour, she’s not interested in stopping for street style photographers. “Kill me now. #NYFW”, Daria tweets.

Captain Planet in Hood By Air

above: Captain Planet is outside Industria Superstudio all like, “Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! Hood By Air!”

Beavis and Butthead in Jeremy Scott

above: Beavis and Butthead were kicked out of Jeremy Scott for crashing the catwalk mid-show. Bunghole!

Angela Pickles in DVF

above: Meanwhile, Angelica Pickles has been snacking on gluten-free cookies and posing outside Lincoln Center while waiting for blogger friends to arrive.

A big thanks to Jennifer Taekman for bringing this to my attention
all images and captions courtesy of Swagger New York

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