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It's Monday. So, Here's A Three-Legged Kitten Wearing Tiny Paper Hats.

Author, illustrator and now miniature milliner, Adam Ellis recently adopted a three-legged kitten/cat named Maxwell.

above: Adam and Maxwell, having a moment.

The Portland-born New Yorker has a boatload of humor, talent and apparently, construction paper. For the past few weeks, since Maxwell became the second cat in his home joining his first, Pepper, Ellis has been constructing tiny paper hats which Maxwell wears in a series of adorable instagram photos.

above: Adam holding Maxwell in his lil' Pilgrim Hat.

The adorable three-legged Maxwell, pooped from all his posing:

Lest you think Adam left his first cat out of the fun, here's a few little hats he made for Pepper:

See Tiny Hats for Cats here on Adam's Blog (his captions are hilarious).
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