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Archibird, A Combination Birdcage and Console Table by Gregoire de Laforrest.

Made of bleached oak, stainless steel cables and glass 'Archibird' is the blending of sculpture and furniture. A one-off piece by designer and architect Gregoire de Lafforest, the birdcage (which functions as such complete with small washing pool, eating area and the ability to be opened for cleaning) is integrated into a bleached oak wood console table.

The original idea behind the piece was to reinterpret a bird cage that would radically change the way the feathered creatures are viewed and combine it with a functional piece of furniture to showcase the birds.

The glass domes or cloches represent taxidermy and serve as a reference to curiosity displays of the past.

The main intention was to strive for lightness as exemplified by the suspended nature of the bottom part of the cage held up by steel cables (close-ups shown below) and the tapered legs help achieve this aerial-like feeling.

The piece was constructed by les Ateliers Seewhy , measures 150 centimeters tall,  72 centimeters deep and is available through Galerie Gosserez.

Construction photos:

The final product:

DIMENSIONS: H: 150 cm - l: 200 cm - D: 72 cm
MATERIALS: Bleached oak, stainless steel cables and glass
Unique piece, price upon request
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Photos courtesy of Jérome Galland for Les Atelies Seewhy, Galerie Gosserez and the artist

About the designer:

Gregoire de Laforrest is an Interior designer and architect by training, Grégoire graduated from the ESAG Penninghen. He successively worked for some of the most prestigious interior design studios in France, namely Bruno Moinard, Noé Duchaufour Lawrence and Gilles & Boissier where he collaborated on major projects such as Hermès corporate headquarters in Paris, the Cartier jewellery shops, a private hotel for Veuve Cliquot and most recently for the “Ciel de Paris” restaurant at the top of the Montparnasse tower. -

A shout out to HellooDesigner where I first spotted this awesome project.

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