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It's Star Wars Time... For Real. SEIKO Launches Six Official Star Wars Wristwatches.

A collaboration between Lucas Films and Seiko brings us six Star Wars Watches, each modeled after a character from the George Lucas saga. The watches are fashioned in the men's Seiko Brightz style and vary in terms of functionality. Each has faces and bezels with emblems and icons reminiscent of the characters and their likenesses are on the back of each watch.

The Seiko Darth Vader Radio Solar Control World Time Watch:

The Seiko Darth Maul Chronograph Solar Watch:

The Seiko Yoda Mechanical Watch:

The Seiko C-3PO Mechanical Watch:

The Seiko R2-D2 Active Matrix EPD Watch:

The Seiko Stormtrooper Mechanical Watch:

For more information, visit this site (prices and info in Japanese only):

Available at the following stores:


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