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A Look At Clay Sinclair's Solo Exhibit At London's Woolff Gallery

Artist Clay Sinclair (shown below)has a new exhibit at London's Woolff Gallery running through the 23rd of November.

The artist sums up his work and inspiration as follows:
"I love creating art. I also love thinking.
A quick look inside my brain and you’d see it is always ticking over with new ideas, moral dilemmas, plans for the future and rationalisations of my sometimes absurd behaviour. This obviously influences my art where my thoughts, anxieties, complexities and contradictions are there for all to see.

Like all of us, there is another side to me.
When I think back on the art I have seen in major exhibitions, the artists that have had a lasting impact on me could be separated in to two categories. The ‘mental stimulators’ such as Hundertwasser, Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry and those that transcend conscious thought, Howard Hodgkin, Anish Kapoor and Mark Rothko. These latter artists create art that cuts through the clutter of my mind, and touches the emotional, unconscious part of me which I so often neglect.

I hope that with my art I am able to both stimulate, challenge and provoke and also enable stillness and contemplation in the present moment.
Both are what I am." --Clay

Here's a look at the works shown in the exhibit:

Below is a short film encapsulating artist Clay Sinclair's 'I Think... I AM' exhibition at Woolff Gallery:

Film directed by Prano Bailey-Bond Produced by Woolff Gallery

Woolff Gallery
London - 11th Oct - 23rd Nov 2012.
89 Charlotte St, London, W1T 4PU

all images courtesy of Woolff Gallery

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