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Patrón Añejo Holiday 2012 Guitar Bottle Stopper by John Varvatos.

Award-winning fashion designer John Varvatos teamed up with design agency Mode Design Group (MDG) to create a custom, limited edition bottle for tequila brand Patrón this holiday season.

Varvatos designed a Guitar headstock and tuning pegs along with Patron's Bee symbol to function as the stopper on a bottle of for Patrón Añejo for the 2012 holiday season, alluding to the rock n' roll vibe of both the fashion designer and the tequila brand.

MDG facilitated the collaboration between the brands and helped realize the branding, logo and package design. The Patrón Añejo bottle comes in a customized box, created to fit the guitar-shaped stopper, and embodies the rock n’ roll vibe that John Varvatos is known for.

This was the first designer collaboration for Patrón and the first spirits collaboration for John Varvatos. “This guitar stopper is a perfect blend of the two brands. John Varvatos put his trademark rock n’ roll edge on the iconic Patrón bottle. It’s an exciting blend of fashion, music and spirits, and with the custom box to complete the package, it really makes a perfect holiday gift”. Says MDG Creative Director Gabrielle Rein.

The bottles hit shelves in December, and will be available for purchase through the 2012 holiday season.

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