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The Next Best Thing To Being Cloned. A Frighteningly Lifelike 3D Mask Of Your Face.

These realistic full sized face masks are truly incredible likenesses. So much so that they most likely will creep you out while simultaneously amazing you. Making full use of a technology called Three-Dimension Photo Form (3DPF), Real-f - short for REALFACE- of Japan will create an exact duplicate of your mug in the form of a hard plastic mask within a relatively short time and at an affordable price.

Below is a model holding the mask in front of her real face:

And the model holding the mask next to her own face:

Close-up details of the mask:

Osamu Kitagawa (shown below with his own mask), who established REAL-f in June of 2011, spent a couple of years developing the products after leaving Dainippon Screen Mfg.Co.,Ltd. ("Screen") in 2009. During the interviews of "Human Copy Machine" which was developed by himself at the former company, he desired "Not a flat copy like a poster but a three-dimensional copy to be realized -- " and decided to start REAL-f with technique called "Three-dimension Photo Form"

The 3DPF technique makes it possible to duplicate pores, eye's blood vessels and iris exactly the same as the originals. Details like eyebrows, stubble and eyelashes are the impeccable.

In about two hours (one for photographing the subject and one for taking an impression of the face) the REALFACE mask will be complete. They keep the original mold for a period of time during which you can order more without the initial set-up cost. The original can then be sent to the customer or destroyed depending upon their preference. Delivery time of the mask is about two weeks.

Because the REALFACE mask is made of a hard plastic, the lips cannot move, therefore showing teeth is not possible. They can create holes where there eyes are so that you can see when wearing the mask.

Basic rates includes taking photos and impressions of face, producing the original model and photo image correction. For the first one, they charge you for basic rates and production fee of the REALFACE mask. The cost is 300K JPY (about $3700 USD) for the basic rate + the first mask and 60K JPY  ($740 USD) for the second one and upward.

Although they can ship anywhere, the process can only occur at their shop in Japan located at 25-17-513 6-chome, Shimo-Sakamoto, Otsu City, Shiga pref. Japan, 520-0105.

Real-F had intended to begin creating full heads with this process, but have ceased that project in order to pursue creating a 'soft' version of the mask, not yet available.

all images courtesy of REAL-f


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