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Peugeot's Onyx Concept Supercar, Superbike and Superscooter Wrap Hybrid Technology and Beauty In Shiny Copper and Matte Black.

There was lots of buzz at the 2012 Paris Motor Show about Peugeot's Concept Supercar, the Onyx and it's no wonder. Aside from radiating beauty, elegance and state-of-art technology, the Onyx Concept Bike and Onyx Concept Scooter are its acclaimed variations. Here's a look at all three wicked machines.

above top: computer renderings and below: at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

The Car
The Peugeot Onyx Concept Supercar

The sporty, finely-honed, streamlined Onyx is a hybrid concept car that slices through the air with pure elegance. Expressing a century of research and innovation, the Onyx is the most accomplished car ever imagined by the Lion brand.

Inspired by passionate people, the Onyx offers its adorers a vision of tomorrow. Shaped using raw materials innovatively, this supercar was designed by enthusiasts who have drawn their inspiration from the world of racing.

Its ingenious bodywork captivates with its striking contrast of materials and colours. Its wings and doors were hand-carved by a master craftsman from a pure copper sheet. This mirror-polished metal is totally self-protecting and uses no tricks. Its aspect will change over time and create a patina effect.

above: as seen at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

Its mid-mounted V8 will take you beyond the limits of high performance. A showcase of technological excellence and craftsmanship, the Onyx Concept Car treasures a HYbrid4 engine under its copper sheet that recovers the kinetic energy from braking and restores it during acceleration.

above: Watch it slice through the air in pure elegance, with its vertical grille and full LED headlights beaming. Its wings and doors, hand-carved by a master craftsman from a pure, mirror-polished copper sheet, make the Onyx dazzle and shimmer.

above: Its tail-lights are designed with Peugeot's distinguishing luminous three-claw signature, a magnificently-exquisite finishing touch. The Onyx Concept Car also incorporates mini impellers which direct airflow and intensify aerodynamics.

above: Bathed in natural, dazzling roof-to-floor light, the Onyx's cab includes a felt-designed console and a revolutionary, new wooden dashboard: made of newspaper-wood. The cab itself is a one-piece pod, without seams, without joins and becomes one with the driver and passenger, embracing them in absolute comfort.

Other detals include Carbon Fiber wheels:

And a carbon Fiber cad rear bumper:

The Bike
Peugeot Onyx Concept Bike, an ultimately-efficient superbike

Drawing from Peugeot Cycles' experience in the field of competition, the teams returned to the brand's origins of speed and performance. Peugeot Cycles' designers drew their inspiration from the Onyx to create an ITT bike that propels the brand into the future with its state-of-the-art and high-performance style. The flexed and harmonious lines of the carbon unibody frame optimize the Onyx Concept Bike's aerodynamics.

Back to the brand's origins with this futuristic, revolutionary, time trial Onyx Concept Bike. The engineers' work in wind tunnels, the frame designed with carbon, the streamlined wheels and disc brakes are a tip of the hat to the brand's automobiles. This groundbreaking style propels it into the future and into a world of speed and high performance.

above: The flexed and harmonious lines of the carbon unibody frame optimize the Onyx Concept Bike's aerodynamics.

above: In keeping with the high-performance spirit, the cables, brakes and battery are perfectly concealed inside the handlebars. And the electronically-controlled gear-change is exceptionally intuitive.

above: As seen at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

The Scooter
Peugeot Onyx Concept Scooter, a hybrid supertrike

Cities are changing but mobility solutions are always one step ahead. Peugeot's Onyx Scooter Concept proposes an original, revolutionary, 3-wheel alternative that switches from scooter to motorbike, from urban-style to sporty-style, to fit the rider's needs and desires.

By combining a 400 cc heat engine with an electrical engine, it provides first-class acceleration and get-up-and-go totally in line with its ultra-sportive style. This scooter has an up-to-the-minute look shared only with the Onyx Concept Car and Concept Bike.

above: With its matt black coat, the Onyx Concept Scooter radiates pure elegance. And through its coppered details, you can catch a glimpse of its pioneering technology.

Integrating the stylistic codes of the brand's automobiles, this 2-in-1 supertrike displays an athletic silhouette with sculptural lines and an extra-large 200/50 R17 rear wheel that radiates the spirit of hypersport bikes.

above: In the city, the rider maintains a more classical position, with feed forward and head held high to snake through traffic easily. Highly-practical, this scooter offers exceptional storage space between the seat and front-end.

above: In sports mode, the rider tilts forward, with wrists used for support and feet in a backward position. Naturally aerodynamic, the Onyx Concept Scooter offers great seating comfort for a passenger without compromising on vivacity.

above: as seen at the Paris Motor Show

Images and information courtesy of Peugeot ; Paris Motor Show images courtesy of Autoblog

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