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The Spectacularly Sparkly 2013 German Vogue Swarovski Horoscope Calendar Combines Gorgeous Photography, Fashion and Jewelry.

German Vogue and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS have teamed up to produce a series of images for a stunning new 2013 calendar. An impressive collaboration between photographer Lado Alexi (who has shot the calendar for the previous two years) Hamburg-born high-concept stylist Dennis Blys, and Ukrainian über make-up artist, Natalie Franz, the calendar features Swarovski crystallized jewelry and fashions by various designers.  From dominatrix chic to modern Marie Antoinette, sci-fi siren to glamour goddess, and whimsical wood nymph to elegant eye candy, these glamazons project an attitude both provocative and remote.


above: Cover image features a crystal-sprinkled veil and headpiece unique to SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Design, her sculptural earrings are by Chaingang and statement necklace by Simon Harris.


above: January’s sci-fi snow queen wears a bolero by Bea Valdes and a bracelet by Ikone Paris, both embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS


above: February is all feminine fringing on a crystal-bedecked bolero by Bea Valdes, echoed in a necklace and bracelet by Art Wear Dimitriadis, with a body by Dawid Tomaszewski. All items are made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


above: March’s mysterious, crystal-encrusted mask is a unique piece by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Design, with earrings and ring from Otazu’s Precious Flowers Collection, both available at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™.


above: April is a springtime fantasy in a Dawid Tomaszewski top and ‘Fatal Dress’ from Wolford, accessorized with a glittering belt from Marjana von Berlepsch and long cuff by Philippe Audibert, made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


above: May’s divinely decadent look comes courtesy of Jenny Manik Mercian’s eye-popping necklace and bracelets from Fotis Somos. High Class Dessous from Bordelle (customized design by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS).


above: June’s languid allure is achieved in a Michalsky jacket with bejeweled epaulettes, a short necklace and ring by Sabrina Dehoff, and a long necklace from Ben-Amun, each richly embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


above: July radiates fearless glamour clad in a Chapurin ‘haute armor’ mini-dress, with a warrior-princess bracelet from Marjana von Berlepsch (left) and gladiator cuff by Marmén (right)—all items are studded with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


above: August’s bewitching creature of the forest wears a lavishly baroque, face-framing headdress and a dramatic body piece from David Mandel’s The Show Must Go On collection, ablaze with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


above: September’s ethereal spirit seems to have stepped out of a dream, with her intricately ornate necklace and bracelet from David Mandel’s The Show Must Go On collection, both made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


above: October’s bodypiece, designed by On Aura tout Vu, is fashioned from gleaming ropes of creamy, macramé-style pearls from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


above: November’s darkly decadent mood is captured in a short necklace by Otazu, long necklace by Delphine Charlotte Parmentier, and ring by Marmén—all available at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™. The unique walking stick is from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Design.


above: December’s futuristic femme fatale is sleekly attired in a couture dress designed by Augustin Teboul and cascading necklace by Janete Zamboni with bold statement cuffs by Sahani, resplendent with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Several of the lovely pieces shown in these images can be purchased from Swarovski Crystallized.

Here's a look at 'The Making Of' The Vogue Swarovski Horoscope calendar:

all information and photos courtesy of Swarovski

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