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Terraviva Tiles From Refin Ceramiche

The Terraviva project for DesignTaleStudio has been designed by Massimilano Adami and represents the next step in Refin Ceramiche's path of experimentation and ceramic research.

Terraviva is a throwback to the beginnings of ceramic tiles, that is to say, earth, an element to which man is unequivocally linked via a natural relationship and that the designer Massimiliano Adami has tried to re-establish: “the ceramic surface” as if “earth surface”, the cracks as the symbol of Nature itself are the distinctive characteristic of the collection.

The Terraviva project is born out of two considerations: the intrinsic geometry of the ceramic tile, that is to say the need, as a rule, for right angles, and the organic nature of porcelain stoneware, a very resistant material, almost eternal.

It is from these two considerations that the resulting shape and balance of the ceramic tile itself comes, an object that is made from earth, and which therefore leads to the need to combine the idea of residential floor to that of “terrestrial floor”; creating the most natural possible sign/decor that disrupts the geometry of shapes and that reveals a physical/aesthetic feature of the ceramic material itself, not as a mere replica of other natural materials.

A crack is a mark caused by nature, which manifests in distinct traces defined by the technical properties of the material itself; every single material breaks forming cracks that are always different, always varying. This natural feature, often considered a defect, is reappraised for its symbolic meaning. No material can escape from this destiny if linked to the expanse of time of terrestrial dimension.

A manifestation that must be accepted to balance the natural cycle of events linking man to earth and not vice-versa, a sign expressing the passing of time, as wrinkles that mark the passage of “human time” on our faces, in the same way cracks mark the passing of earth's time on our perfect floors.

all information, text and images, courtesy of
Refin Ceramiche

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