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23 Thai Artists, Designers & Brands Interpret the MINI in Scale Models.

The MINI Thailand Design Celebration commemorated half a century of the iconic MINI design tradition by commissioning leading Thai artists, designers and brands to interpret the classic car, all in the form of a 1:3 scale fiberglass model.

The artists had total freedom to express their individual creativity and the participating designers presented their model MINIs On October 27th to the public.

Then, from November 20 - 30, the cars were displayed at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center and Central World Plaza as part of the Bangkok Design Festival 2010, where MINI was also the official car.

Participants included Taweesak Srithingdee, Jitsinga Somboon, Wuttikorn Kongka, Moey Scrubb, Sarit Hoontragul, and Dolchai Boonyarattawesh. Herman Miller and Wallpaper were amongst the brands participating.

above: TK Stripe by Santi Lawrachawee in collaboration with Nattapol Rojjanaratanangkool.©

above image courtesy of flickr

Finally, in January, the designed cars were auctioned off by MINI Thailand with all proceeds going to The Reading Room, a non-profit organization operated by The Foundation for the Promotion and Preservation of Thai Art.

images courtesy of MINI space,, flickr and Wallpaper (Thai)

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