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Greeking For Groovy Art Directors. Hipster Ipsum - Artisanal Filler Text.

Lorem ipsum dolor got you down? No more, now there's Hipster Ispum, a text generator that infuses trendy words into your placeholder text. They offer two styles, Hipster with a shot of Latin and Hipster, neat.

An example of Hipster with a shot of Latin:
Homo mlkshk banh mi brunch biodiesel. Lo-fi echo park terry richardson 3 wolf moon, scenester gluten-free fanny pack. Brooklyn master cleanse locavore tattooed terry richardson freegan, homo gluten-free. Mixtape fanny pack banh mi put a bird on it. Quinoa vinyl thundercats wolf 8-bit you probably haven't heard of them. Helvetica lo-fi salvia 8-bit mustache hoodie 3 wolf moon iphone, lomo banh mi. High life mcsweeney's food truck ethical, jean shorts craft beer portland stumptown synth aesthetic retro artisan lo-fi VHS.

an example of Hipster Neat:
Fap mixtape trust fund retro. 8-bit cliche thundercats artisan PBR. Portland raw denim thundercats keytar helvetica dreamcatcher. Wolf photo booth thundercats tofu echo park, 8-bit mlkshk VHS master cleanse bicycle rights. Synth keytar craft beer, VHS marfa fixie american apparel gluten-free mustache. Cosby sweater skateboard before they sold out homo food truck. Quinoa mcsweeney's organic tumblr, letterpress dreamcatcher PBR.

Like other greeking generators, you can choose the number of paragraphs, choose between the two styles and voila.... filler for your layouts with a hint of hip.

Try it yourself.

A special shout out to one of my favorite artists, Danny Heller, who brought this gem of a find to my attention.

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