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Real Diamond Embedded Contact Lens from La SER Eye Jewellery- Are They The First?

Bloggers are all a twitter (pun intended) about the latest news about LaSer eye jewellery, a line of real gold and diamond contact lens created by Chandrashekhar Chawan PhD Optometrist & Ocularist, for his Shekhar Eye Research. News sites, like MSNBC, are touting them as the first real diamond contact lens at a price of $15,000 a pair.

But what about the Acuvue Diamond Collection? Images and unconfirmed information from the web imply that back in 2006, well-known contact lens company Acuvue launched a line of custom real diamond rimmed contact lens.

The collection by Shekhar Eye Research claims to be the world's first real diamond studded contact lens. Here's a look at them (which make you look like a cold, but wealthy, android):

The LaSER lens consist of 18 diamonds measuring 1 point each studded in a circular manner on 18 carat gold plate and is glued to the Chandra Bostonä Scleral Device from back of the lenses in such a way that it does not touch the cornea.

In their press release they say that "La SER™ is an exclusive & limited edition luxury eye jewelry for the first time in the world, where you can wear Gold and natural Diamonds in your eyes. Limited edition lenses will be custom made in four designs of Diamonds on White Gold, Diamonds on Yellow Gold, Just white gold and Yellow Gold."

from their press release:

"Total weight of one device is 500 milligram including the jewelry weight. The Jewelry part can be customized as per individual choice of color diamonds, precious stones or just gold.

At Shekhar Eye Research Pvt Ltd this Chandra Bostonä Scleral device is used for treating Dry Eyes, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, Keratoconus and other corneal complications, with the introduction of gold and diamond it just acts as exclusive fashion jewelry for any age.

La SER™ Eye Jewelry is invented by Chandrashekhar Chawan to help poor patients. Every pair sold one Stevens Johnson Syndrome patients will be treated free at Shekhar Eye Research. 
People love wearing Gold and diamonds all over body, a step ahead was introduced by dentist by giving Diamond on tooth. Chandrashekhar Chawan have further the concept of wearing Diamond and gold on the eyes to enhance beauty and trend setting fashion first time in the world."
images and information courtesy of

The diamond contact lens line in 2006 from Acuvue:

above images courtesy of lily on the unp forum

According to a few random sources, Acuvue did actually make these diamond contact lens a few years back, available in India and Asia- but again, this is unconfirmed. If you have the scoop, please let me know.

Earlier last year, Indian designer Anthony Mallier created the first contact lenses to feature Swarovski crystal. The lenses were designed as part of the Crystal Vision competition organized by DesignBoom and Swarovski and are not an actual produced product:

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