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Antique Vases For Head Bangers and Tableware for Trendy Urbanites.

This certainly ain't your grandmother's tableware. Well, okay, it is. Only with Pierre Blanc's added imagery of trendy pop culture icons and heavy metal bands. Roccocco and baroque china and porcelain plates, trays, amphoras and vases take on an edge not found in the average antique store.

above: The inherently jarring juxtaposition of Metallica on a pale pink and gilded vase is like Meissen-goes-maniacal.

above: Pairing the Pope with a Boombox is something you don't often see

Pierre also takes antique floral and gilded plates and applies the trendy urban imagery of guns, boomboxes/ghetto blasters, turntables, masked mexican wrestlers and muscle cars:

I can't forget to mention his hilarious kitschy plates featuring tv and movie icons like Charles Bronson, Dallas' Booby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) and Fantasy Island's Mr. Rourke (Ricardo Montalban) and Tatoo (Herve Villachaize):

Pierre sells these pieces and more in his online store at Le Garage, Pierre Blanc.

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