A 12.2 Billion Dollar Home Is The World's Most Expensive Home Ever Built. (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I'm sorry to report that despite being furnished the following information by Stuart Hughes' own company, recent reports hint that this story is greatly exaggerated, if not completely fabricated. The house seems to be in the 'planning stages' not actually built as Stuart Hughes claims. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Mr. Hughes has made many suspicious with his outlandish claims of luxury products. Born Rich reported his luxury yacht was a fake and Computer Choppers dedicates an entire page on their site to warn customers of Stuart Hughes' claims. As a result, I will no longer be reporting on products from Staurt Hughes. A special thanks goes out to Home Designing for their sleuthing. My sincerest apologies.

I am keeping the original post below for your utter entertainment:

Another ostentatious product from Stuart Hughes - the world's most expensive home ever built. Touted as "The World's First Gold House", it's a luxury home built by Zug Switzerland's exklusivHAUS in collaboration with Stuart Hughes, who's known for his outrageously expensive custom luxury items.


Kevin Huber of exklusivHAUS approached Stuart Hughes for an unprecented project. Mr. Huber, who designs unique custom homes for high end clients, had one client who wanted something truly extraordinary.

The completion of the home took five and a half years and cost $12.2 billion USD (£7.5 billion)

The home resides on a secret location in Switzerland near the Italian border and sits on a lot measuring 2,442 square meters. It has a living space of 752 square meters, 8 rooms, a 388 square meter terrace, a basement with a special stone wine cellar measuring 245 square meters and a 4 car garage.

What makes the house so very pricey is the over 200,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings and the specially designed flooring throughout is made from meteoric stone with shavings of original 65 million year old T-Rex Dinosaur bones embedded in each tile.

For further information please contact Mr. Stuart Hughes (contact@stuarthughes.com) or Mr. Kevin Huber (k.huber@exklusiv-haus.ch)


Anonymous said...

unimpressive all around

Anonymous said...

Gross. Use this money to do something productive in the world. Put it towards curing diseases. Financing farms in 3rd world countries. Alternative power sources. Anything but a showcase of your own greed.

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arrielle_p said...

Beautiful views inside and out. So great to live in a wonderful place like this.

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yes indeed a nice house but not a worth of 12billion...this amount of money is too much.

HGH therapy said...

thanks for the correction..about the house......why its location is unknown


Toronto luxury homes said...

Absolutely beautiful ! It is very stylish, yet inviting and comfortable.

Anonymous said...

In poor taste when theres people staveing in the world.

Unknown said...

Not even worth 100 million, the gold might bring it up along with the meteoric stone and t-Rex shavings. Although there is that the square footage is undesired. That's over 1/6 of the richest man alives money. I don't know anybody that rich dumb enough to buy this. @Anonymus greed is a figure of your imagination. People that are rich work extremely hard to get that money, although it would be nice to invest it in those ways I find it rude to say its greedy and selfish.

Anonymous said...

Quit crying hater.... Next time you buy a new car, think about the 20000 children you could have fed in Mumbai. I am certain this person gives more to charity in a year than everyone who has viewed this Site combined in their lives.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.