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Kia uses Nail Art in a Stop-Motion Animation Film to Market the Picanto.

To market the new KIA Picanto, Kia Motors of Korea came up with a novel way to say "small." Using painted fingernails as stop motion animation to serve as a metaphor for packing things into a small vehicle.

The project took 25 days (and nights), 900 fingernails, 1200 bottles of nail polish and 2 hours to complete each piece of nail art.

The result is a video (cut as a :21 second teaser, a 1:13 second spot and a 2 minute director's cut)

Full version:

The director's cut, shown below, includes nails painted to call out features -like those shown below- as well as for the stop motion animation:

Images from the director's cut only:

Kia Picanto microsite

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