Wacky Wooden Spinning Chair For Kids And Grown-Ups By Jaanus Orgusaar.

Designed by Jaanus Orgusaar, the Spinning Chair Accelerator was inspired by the Cern accelerator [the world's largest particle accelerator].

Made of lacquered bended birch plywood with leather handles, the spinning chair is the opposite to the rocking chair. When the rocking chair calms and puts you at ease, the spinning-chair energizes and stimulates. The vibration from the spinning of the metal ball inside awakens your spirit and renews your cells.

After 6 spins, you end up where you started. It is a hilarious and playful ride for both kids and grown-ups.

Dimensions: 1400 x 1400 x 700 mm, 20kg
Materials: 4mm bended birch plywood, 2mm plywood, cable pipe, metal ball, leather handles
Finishing: matte lacquer

Price including VAT, shipping not included: 1.200,00 EUR at designspray or £ 1075.00 GBP here at Bouf

1 comment:

Ms. Pants said...

While certainly not a pretty as this design, my friends and I were spinning like this in the cradle part of a papasan chair in high school. The spinning thing isn't really new, I don't think.

However, this is a far prettier (and probably less painful than those wicker bars, should the pillow shift) than what we had.

I'd need a whole room to dedicate to it though because I am one immature mofo and I would go awwwf with this thing. :-)

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.