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Finally, You Can Get Your Own Bad Robot! The Limited Edition Mascot Maquette.

You may recognize this little guy from the closing of J.J. Abrams' popular tv shows like LOST, Fringe and Alias or the sign off on the latest Star Trek movie. The mascot for the production company, shown below [looped] in the 2 second television sign-off, Bad Robot, is now available in a special limited edition made by Quantum Mechanix.

Offered to the public for the first time, this mischievous mascot of Bad Robot Productions stands 10-inches tall and is cast in solid polystone. Sculpted from the original digital model, each statue in this 1,000 piece edition is hand painted in exceptional detail and features modular arms. Every Bad Robot Maquette is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, and as a special bonus, the unique sculpture includes a removable Slusho drink that fits in his little robot craw.

The sci-fi and entertainment collectible is already sold at at Quantum Mechanix but you can still buy one here!

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