Brass Monki Puts Pop Culture On Kicks Resulting In The Coolest Custom Nikes.

above: Street artist Banksy's Rat recreated on pair of leather Nikes designed and sold online by Brass Monki

Brass Monki is a talented 22 year old artist named Daniel Reese who hails from Merseyside [near Liverpool] in the UK. In 2009 he began using software to place pop culture imagery and icons from video games, movies, art, comic books, logos and other popular brands upon footwear.

The response was so positive, he began to actually hand paint one-off pairs of leather Nikes and sell them online. His eye for composition and color makes his creations very desirable as wearable art. Below are his designs, several of which are available for purchase.


Bob Marley:

Blink 182:

Kick Ass:

Resevoir Dogs:



The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo:



Princess Peach:

Oscar The Grouch:

The Cookie Monster:

Minnie Mouse:




Green Lantern:

Iron Man:


Captain America:

Dr. Robotnik:

Sonic The Hedgehog:

Castle Crashers:

Pac Man:

Buzz Lightyear:




Colour Doodles:

Doodle Splash:

Light Swirl:

Some of the above shoes are available for purchase right now in his online store.

NOTE: It should be known that I have not personally purchased shoes from Brass Monki nor have I seen anything but computer generated rendering of his shoes. That said, I feel I must remind you to either do your own online research before purchasing or "Buyer Beware."  Especially since some of my readers have left comments regarding their bad experiences with Brass Monki.

See more of his shoe designs on flickr.


Anonymous said...

So... doesn't make his/her own art, but rips off successful pop icons. Ok... sure, we all see that. But that art was made my other artists. Did he get permission to use it? Why do artists want to rip other artist off? Isn't art about making your own art? I mean, Brass Monki didn't make the shoe either... so what do they actually make?

Laura Sweet said...

First off, Brass Monki is not claiming this art as his/their own, so he's not 'ripping it off.' Instead he's re-purposing it.

Since he produces in such small quantity, it's unlikely that any of the brands will even notice, let alone take legal issue, but yes, he is violating copyright laws if he did not receive permission to license the imagery [which I'm pretty certain he did not].

Secondly, I could go on and on about the number of famous artists who use previously created iconography and images in their work - Andy Warhol and Ron English - just to name two of hundreds.

And while he didn't make the shoe, his combining of the popular shoe with the cult icons fills a need for people who appreciate and want both in one item.

So what did he make? Something that doesn't yet exist and is a desired product for many. That's Capitalism, baby.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding but you did just rationalized why anyone can steal from anyone else and as long as it is in a small batch, it's ok. That's not really capitalism...

I don't really need a response as my opinion means nothing. But the content should have a value and Brass Monki by using the graphics/shoes from someone else is claiming he generated or produced this content with permission. That is a false statement and it appears this blog is supporting it.

Anonymous said...

hii(: i realy really want to know if i can buythe cookie monster ones its cus my XV its going to be of cookie monster & i would like to wear them on that day...

thanks!!! you can contact mee on facebook by Eriqha Benavides ...

Laura Sweet said...

Eriqha, to see if the cookie monster version is available, please go to his online store:

Shamik M said...


Do not Buy~!!!


Laura Sweet said...

Thanks for letting us know of your plight with Daniel Reese of Brass Monki.

Clearly it should be known that "Buyer Beware."

Anonymous said...

Yes buyer beware. Buying shoes from Brassmonki is a guarantee to loose your money. He does not deliver and does not refund and does not respond to questions.
Ron, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I want to know if it really is a rip off because those shoes are awesome

Anonymous said...

I hear ya!! I'd like to know myself as I'm interested in "Buzz Lightyear" for my daughter who's a huge fan. I'm not gonna send my money ANYWHERE if it's a rip off and I don't get my product.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.