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Brass Monki Puts Pop Culture On Kicks Resulting In The Coolest Custom Nikes.

above: Street artist Banksy's Rat recreated on pair of leather Nikes designed and sold online by Brass Monki

Brass Monki is a talented 22 year old artist named Daniel Reese who hails from Merseyside [near Liverpool] in the UK. In 2009 he began using software to place pop culture imagery and icons from video games, movies, art, comic books, logos and other popular brands upon footwear.

The response was so positive, he began to actually hand paint one-off pairs of leather Nikes and sell them online. His eye for composition and color makes his creations very desirable as wearable art. Below are his designs, several of which are available for purchase.


Bob Marley:

Blink 182:

Kick Ass:

Resevoir Dogs:



The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo:



Princess Peach:

Oscar The Grouch:

The Cookie Monster:

Minnie Mouse:




Green Lantern:

Iron Man:


Captain America:

Dr. Robotnik:

Sonic The Hedgehog:

Castle Crashers:

Pac Man:

Buzz Lightyear:




Colour Doodles:

Doodle Splash:

Light Swirl:

Some of the above shoes are available for purchase right now in his online store.

NOTE: It should be known that I have not personally purchased shoes from Brass Monki nor have I seen anything but computer generated rendering of his shoes. That said, I feel I must remind you to either do your own online research before purchasing or "Buyer Beware."  Especially since some of my readers have left comments regarding their bad experiences with Brass Monki.

See more of his shoe designs on flickr.

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