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Sculpted Chanel Bags & Bipolaroids: 21st Century Worry Beads By Lindsey de Ovies

above: Chanel's iconic handbag sculpted and cast in bronze by Lindsey de Ovies

Modern sculptor Lindsey de Ovies approaches her artwork from a dual perspective. An American born artist, living in Paris, she uses her diverse cultural experiences and surroundings as a bifocal vantage point for her material.

Her work questions all things conventional, from life stages to cultural icons and stereotypes.

At present, she is working on these wonderful and hilarious 21st Century Worry Beads she calls Bipolaroids. The two-sided handmade stamped bead bracelets feature ecstasy-like pills with imprints of icons and words that we affiliate with contemporary concerns and cultural trends.

Also worth noting are her "Hi Concept" fun bronze and marble cast quilted Chanel bags:

above: sculptor Lindsey de Ovies

These are only a small sampling of her wonderful sculptural work, be sure to see more of it at her website here.

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