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Go Granny. Cloris Leachman Takes On The Go Daddy Girls For Network Solutions.

This Super Bowl season, Network Solutions has created a purely social media campaign to go up against the big guns [e.g. Go Daddy]. They've just released a new mockumentary internet video campaign starring their very own Go Granny, played by Academy Award winner, Cloris Leachman.

Go Granny looks back on her wild past as the original “Domain Name Girl.” With the message— get serious about your small business, she's joined by the NetSol woman, BlogHer's Lisa Stone, female entrepreneur and internet superstar.

You can also check out @Go_Granny’s wild escapades on Twitter.

To join the Twitter Takeover, follow the hashtag #gogranny on:
Friday, Feb. 4 at 6 pm
Saturday, Feb. 5 at 3 pm
Sunday, Feb.6 at 3 pm

Network Solutions

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