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BUST-ED. Karin Jurick Completes Her 100 Faces, Paintings Of Actual Mugshots.

Today, one of my favorite contemporary painters, Karin Jurick, has reached a milestone. The incredibly talented artist completed her amazing series of 100 faces.

Titled BUST-ED, the project features individual loose studies of the human head, each painted from actual mugshots [with names concealed for obvious reasons]. For the past 100 days, she has painted the 4" x 4" portraits on masonite, one each day. They include men and women of all ages and races. Some are frontal, others are profiles - all are fabulous.

The very first painting in the series:

The 100th painting in the series:

All 100 paintings:

What began as a 'painting a day', that were going to be available for auction individually, was quickly pre-sold to one individual patron - much to my dismay.

Nevertheless, you can view each individual portrait on her BUST-ED blog or better yet, order the book she has created of them on Blurb. Available in hardcover or softcover, each has a page dedicated to the individual portraits.

The book features one portrait per page. here are some sample spreads:

Buy the book here.

Karin is truly one of the most skilled artists around and her works are quickly sold. Be sure to see her website and the galleries that represent her.

Karin Jurick

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