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Jason Higgins' Hog Shop. Pearls For Swine.

above: Blogworthy cookie cutters, Fetal bites are shaped like embryos.

Hogmalion & Company is the fun and twisted wit of one man, Jason Higgins. Self described as embracing a Trinitarian philosophy, bowing down to Amy Goodman, John Waters, and the late, great Mr. Whipple (1916-2007), his online store has products to match his obviously sick, but sophisticated sense of humor. Playing on politics and pop culture, The Hog Shop offers gifts guaranteed to make cynics smile.

Here are a few of my favorite products from The Hog Shop.

Fetal Bites cookie cutters:

His homemade soaps, packaged as Christ Butter, Love Butter or Satan Butter:

various corks and wine stoppers:

Che-a-pet: Che Guevara Chia pet

The Wine Monkey:


Pet Barack:

Overdue postcards:


The Soft Klub:

While You Were Out Cold notepads:

And there's more to see at the store.

All products hand-made in Charm City, Maryland.

Shop the Hog Shop here.

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