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Design For Swine: Artsy Fun Fashionable Face Masks For Sale

There have been lots of fun 'photoshopped' phony designer protective face masks on the web as a result of the world's fixation on this potential pandemic. But, someone has actually created and is selling some truly fun ones.

Designer/Art Director Irina Blok has designed a fun series of 9 fashionable protective face masks given the present state of swine-flu panic.

You can click on the images to enlarge.

Leopard print, pill-popping and zipper:

Beard, duct tape and piggy:

Oink, skull and lips:

One little factoid: She originally had included a cute 'Domo' mask (shown below) but Domo asked her to remove it suggesting that it was 'damaging their brand'.

She will produce a very limited edition of these in about 4 weeks (according to her site) and they will cost about $10 (plus $3 S&H). E-mail her here to get your name on the list.

Big Bonus: Proceeds will be donated to Children International to help Mexico fight the swine flu epidemic.

Irina Blok's website

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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.