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Funky Find Of The Week: Four Of The Wurst Rugs Ever From Flachbild

There seems to be no limit to the unusual forms that area rugs are taking on thee days. And this project by a German company has got to be one of the least appetizing, but certainly fun for a kitchen or deli.

Flachbild of Germany has created their interpretation of sausage for the home in the form of four different area rugs (Wurstteppiche).

The first collection consists of four different cold cuts (or sausages) as round area rugs: salami, ham (pimento loaf), mortadella and black pudding (also known as blood sausage).


Blood Sausage:


Ham (or pimento loaf):


The carpets are made of pure wool, round and available in sizes ranging from one meter to five meters in diameter. The carpet thickness is about 1.8 centimeters.

Available for order from Germany online, the prices are based on model and size. Please ask for further information or a quotation here.

contact info:

Ritterstrasse 12
50668 Köln
Telefon: 0221 / 250 84 38

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