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Making Wit Of Waste And Light Of Weight: Wendy Gold's Art de Toilette

In 2007, I wrote a post about Wendy Gold's witty bathroom scales. As did many a design and trend blogger. Since then, Art de Toilette (which consists of her bathroom seats and covers in addition to scales), has grown and evolved, and the design of the bathroom scales changed as well, so it was time to do an updated post on her products.

Many a mommy blogger has mentioned her scale for pregnant women (shown later in this post) and you may have seen some of her other scales at various boutiques and galleries, but her special custom toilet seats are really worth a look.

In 2001, professional artist and graphic designer, Wendy Gold launched her toilet seat line with a high profile art opening in San Francisco. Since then she's been commissioned by art collectors, hotels, restaurants and businesses worldwide. Gracing art de toilette™ seats are such famous buttocks as Jack Nicholson, Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Fred Segal. They make great unique gifts and commemorative items - even celeb Sean Penn has commissioned the seats as gifts for Jude Law and John Travolta.

Wendy's seats are hand made and one of a kind and she'll work with you to come up with the concept and design. Contact her for pricing and more information.

To date Wendy has sold over 200 toilets seats and covers. Here are some examples (courtesy of Wendy):

Wendy expanded her line of bathroom art to include eight custom-designed bathroom scales in 2003. The line now contains ten (three of which have no numbers) and can be found at select boutiques and gyms across the country. The 'Bun In The Oven' scale, designed to put some levity in the sometimes harrowing weight gain of pregnancy, seems to be one of her most popular and is the first scale shown below.

Bun In The Oven:

Affirmation Station:


Down For The Carb Count:

The Confessional:

The Moment Of Truth:

Ignorance Is Bliss:

Shrine To Sweet And Salty:


Work It:

Prices for the bathroom scales are $95.00 USD. You can buy them online here.

Some of the other online stores that carry her scales include:
Jennifer Kaufmann
Uncommon Goods

Wendy holds a bachelor of arts from San Francisco State University and runs art de toilette™ from her studio with her dog "slim" as her chief creative consultant. Visit her design site here.

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