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A Great View. When The Shade is Down. Surface View Blinds.

Surface View is a company that started out creating and selling bespoke (custom) wall murals, but that didn't interest me nearly as much as when they added their digitally printed window shades. With a vast online library of imagery -1000 images- you can choose from several collections and find the perfect match for any mood or style. For any room or architectural genre. Whether you like vintage maps, maritime ephemera, etchings, religious art, portraits, florals, textiles, patterns, classic art and sculpture, pop art, photography, nature, astrology, history, comics, foods, landscapes or citiscapes (just to name a few), they've got it. They will also create custom shades from your own art or photos upon request and at an additional cost, of course.

The collections include the following:

It's great when companies consider the user experience on their site and nothing is more engaging and gratifying that the you-can-see-what-it-will-look-like-instantly feature. As you can tell, I really enjoyed 'playing' with their roomsets which enable you to choose from a series of various rooms and try different any of the available images on the large 'blank' blind. You can do this with their wall murals and prints as well.

For your infotainment, I chose a few examples from some of the collections that I felt were appropriate to that particular sample room, so you could get an idea of the numerous options.








You can also choose between making the line art image a pattern or a single image in their ephemera category, as well as tint it with a color, like the 2 examples of the beetle shown below:


Surface View also offers many specialist services, go to the site to learn more.

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